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Beckon Call Window Cleaning

Today I launched a new website for Jim Ordway at Beckon Call Window Cleaning, out of Halsey, Oregon. Jim’s a great guy and we got this project under-foot and moving along at a very quick pace. I’m very happy with the final product. Take a look, and get in touch with him for your Windows […]

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Turman Financial Group

I’m really excited to announce the launch of John Turman’s “Turman Financial Group, LLC” website, as of this weekend. We worked together with Trent Bingham to create the awesome logo. The site itself was built using WordPress for the CMS, and XHTML/CSS for the front-end.

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Call to Engage

Most websites are designed to direct you towards a “call to action.” This may be a call to purchase, contact, subscribe, tweet, or download. “Click here” and your wildest fantasies will come true… This is a very important component to brick and mortar businesses on the Web that need to quantitatively measure the number of […]

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All Family Vision Care

In November, I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Michael Klautzsch, and John Admire at All Family Vision Care working on a re-design for their existing eye center website. I partnered with Trent Bingham on this project, and we launched a slick new design that adds personality to the previously templated-design, common to vision […]

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Perfectionism expenses

On April 1, Seth Godin wrote a blog post about not writing a blog post. Annually, Seth drums up a well-crafted April Fool’s day post, and then pats himself on the back for being clever. However this year, he was even more clever — he didn’t write one at all. Instead, he exclaimed how brave […]

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A Sport Psychologist’s contribution to user-experience design

I attended An Event Apart in Seattle this last week and had a great time. The presentations were engaging, and all of them inspired further thinking and reflection. In particular, Andy Budd’s “Are you experienced” and Jeff Veen’s “Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps” made me think about the parallels between user-experience design and […]

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