Andy Vaughn


Andy Vaughn, has been working with websites since 1996, and small businesses professionally 1-on-1 or with teams since 2005.

In 2007, Andy created Breakaway Web Design, a design and development consultancy for small businesses in Corvallis, Oregon.

In 2009, Andy created Andy Vaughn Consulting, moving away from just design and development, towards more encompassing marketing, brand and product development consulting, with small-to-medium businesses and entrepreneurs.

Andy’s approach to consulting relies heavily upon his education in behavioral and motivational psychology. He received his master’s degree in sport psychology from Oregon State University in 2005. His favorite model to apply towards business and community development is the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change by Prochaska and Di Clementi.

Andy wearing a suit and headphones, working at his desk

“The website is awesome! Thanks!”Custom website client

“Your communication style is great; powerful, bold, and supportively action oriented.”Business consulting client

“One of Andy’s most redeeming capabilities is his ability to actually achieve change.”Development consulting client

Marketing Consulting

Are the numbers not adding up, or advertising isn’t as clear with attribution as you’d like? Andy can consult on your existing analytics and help put the tools in-place to help you have a clearer picture about how your website is performing.

Front-end Design & Coding

Custom-branded websites with lean responsive themes. All websites are hand-coded and follow the latest Web Standards and 508 Accessibility Guidelines.

Back-end Development

Need unique functionality to your website, or help troubleshooting an existing problem? Andy can help you with existing code, develop new WordPress plugins, on-site eCommerce systems, or consult for an entirely new application.


Whether you need a custom theme or help with an existing site, Andy can help you achieve your website goals using the WordPress Framework.
Please call (541) 321-0064 or contact to schedule a meeting or discuss a project.

Client list

Current and past clients include:

  • Adhesive Evaluation Systems
  • All Family Vision Care
  • Beckon Call Window Cleaning
  • Build With Nature
  • California Homeschool Network
  • Centratel Answering Services
  • Chess for Students
  • Common Pulse
  • Emil Kreye & Son
  • Emily Higham Creative
  • Fogspinner Productions
  • Forex Finesse
  • Gluten Free RN
  • Goodeye Creative
  • Inspire Tutoring
  • Jason Serfling Productions
  • Life in Balance Acupuncture
  • LIFE is Good Conference
  • Lunar Origin
  • Lynn Woodward Designs
  • Matrix Digital Media
  • Mendocino TV
  • Oregon State University
  • OSU Federal Credit Union
  • Peter Savage Novels
  • Ram-Z Fabrications
  • Saltwater To Go
  • Semiconductor Ozone Solutions
  • Seven Star Tutoring
  • Storyline Resources
  • Tour de Skunk
  • Turman Financial Group
  • Tuttle Bend Real Estate
  • Unconventure
  • Western Pulp
  • Work the System
  • Work the System Consultants