Andy Vaughn

One Minute Marketing – Money as Byproduct of Good Service

Principle – Money as a Byproduct of Good Service/Product

In this one-minute marketing video, Andy talks about customer needs changing. How you, as a business owner or marketer need to adapt and respond to these needs by listening and helping.

Take, for example, Andy’s Leather Care Business – Pure Polish. The current acquisition of new shoes is very slow, and brick-and-mortar stores are still closed or extremely slow for on-site purchases. However, with people at home, they are in greater need of caring for the quality things that they already have around them.

Customers will need to take good care of their couches, belts, watches, boots, shoes, bags, backpacks, etc. since they are unlikely to be out buying new ones. Adapt marketing to these changing needs.

As well, the secondary market is growing. So, helping people sell and buy within the secondary market, can be a market-lens pivot, that adapts to the current changing landscape of the market needs, while still focusing on helping the customers.

Posted by Andy on July 8, 2020

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