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For those of you unaware, my partner Amanda and I now own an All Natural Shoe Polish and Leather Care Company here in Bend – Pure Polish Products.

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In-between consulting, I also manufacture and ship leather care products world wide!

This isn’t as far of a reach from tech as you might imagine, as I have always been into style and fashion. And given my proclivity towards dressing well among colleagues and clients, it actually fits quite well with my inherent desire to be a part of any market I’m marketing towards.

This — the above statement about being a part of the market I’m marketing towards, has been the crux of success or failure for almost every business I’ve worked with since 2005. Do you know your market’s problems, and do you not-only sympathize, but empathize with their plights? Will you go the extra mile, just for satisfaction, because you know the struggle, and it’s helping the community as-a-whole? This is what has helped my clients succeed, and it’s detectable in blog posts, forum comments, social media, and videos. It’s what I’ve aimed for, with breathing life into this brand.

We’ve also really emphasized the natural and premium aspects of it, as those are key components (not only to our life – Amanda’s and mine), but also to the people who find the most benefit from using it. We help people with allergies, who have never been able to shine before as they have petroleum allergies or turpentine sensitivities. We have made leather care a non-solo activity, by offering an actually pleasing smell. And, we are aiming to do something that is better for our planet, by using only natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Enough business spiel — on to the fun stuff!

Do you know how to Mirror Shine a shoe? It looks pretty awesome, and makes quite a statement! High Shine / Mirror Shine on Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap toe Oxfords
Use a base layer of cream polish, 1-2 layers of paste on the stiff leather areas, and finish it off with high shine paste and water droplets!

Did you know that welted leather shoes can last you your entire life, assuming you care for the leather properly? It makes spending the extra dollar worth it, considering you won’t have to replace your shoes as frequently.

Here’s a video I made recently showing a routine shoe shine, and this is what I’d recommend for routine leather care that will make your shoes last without too much product.

Posted by Andy on March 16, 2019

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